“We’ll stop into one of the upcoming stores then,” Takashi nodded, leading her along, smile still on his face. He chose not to acknowledge her final statement, because … well, of course he was sure it was alright. He was the one who had suggested it, right? And it wasn’t like it was distracting them from their goal; it was right along the way. “Mm, this is a good place,” He told her as they neared a small shoppe. “Mitsukuni and I stopped in here a few times. It has everything we will need.” He led her to the already opened door and gently nudged her ahead of him so she could go in first. “Look around for things you think we may need.” He said, his own eyes going around the store, searching out the important basics.

Kotomi entered the store and was instantly filled with excitement. Looking at all the merchandise around her only heightened her eagerness to get to the beach. She walked from display to display, looking at everything they had to offer and making a mental list of everything they might need. She stopped in front of a shelf that held small mesh bags full of shovels, buckets, and various other toys meant for playing in the sand. She assumed it was really meant for children, but she didn’t care. It was exactly what they needed. She quickly grabbed one and made her way back Takashi with a bright smile. “So we can build sandcastles…” she explained as she held it up for him to see.