When Kotomi accepted his hand, Takashi smiled, closing his around hers and helping her to her feet. “Let us go then,” He said quietly, leading her on their way. He returned her hand squeeze with a gentle one of his own, and found himself humming a soft tune as they walked together, feeling light and at ease. When he noticed her moving closer to him, he smiled again, releasing her hand and moving his arm so that it was loosely wrapped around her waist, hand reaching for her opposite one as his arm moved her the slightest bit closer. It seemed to him that neither of them wished to have fully parted from their previous contact, so he thought that a good enough way to do both things — head for the beach and still be close. “Is there anything we need to pick up before we reach the beach?” He asked, tilting his head and looking down at her. They were coming up on a few stores before their actual destination, so it wouldn’t be much of a burden if she needed to get something. “Shovels and pails, perhaps? Or towels?” Those were the kinds of things you needed at the beach, right? Even if they weren’t staying long, it would be nice to be well equipped while they were there.

Kotomi listened to Takashi’s soft humming, a small, amused smile on her face. She let herself get lost in the low sound of his voice, finding it soothing. Of course, Takashi’s mere presence was enough to make Kotomi feel relaxed and safe. He just had that influence over her, and while she wasn’t exactly sure why, she liked it and treasured it. She snapped out of her thoughts when she felt his hand let go of hers. She opened her mouth to protest, but was silenced by the feeling of his arm around her waist, his hand returning to hers, and his body becoming closer to hers. A sigh mixed with relief and contentment escaped her and she leaned into him and bit as they walked. She looked up when he spoke to her and her eyes widened a bit. It hadn’t occurred to her that they were heading to the beach and had nothing to bring along with them. She nodded, agreeing that a few things would have to obtained before they got there. “That would probably be a good idea,” she said with a smile. “If you’re sure it’s alright…”